How to make GOOD slime!

Everyone loves slime!(Except for moms)There so many types to make!There is butter slime,Fluffy slime,Cloud slime,Clear slime,E.t.c!But today I’m going to share my personal favorites!

Butter slime!I love butter slime because it is so soft!Butter slime is a mix of plain slime and clay.Click this link how to make butter slime!

.CLEAR SLIME!I love clear slime because you can add anything to it and you can see straight through it!One of the activities mom do is have there kids make different scenes with the slime,and some make oceans and add small seashells and sand!Click this link to see how to make clear slime!

Fish bowl slime!This slime is crunchy, stretchy,and pokey!Fishbowl slime is a slime that you add certain types of beads into!Then you can add a charm,glitter,food dye,E.t.c!Click link for how to make fishbowl slime!

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New Captain Marvel Character Goose the Cat Going Viral!

If you have seen the new Movie Captain Marvel you know who the famous Goose the cat is.The famous cat named after LTJG Nick Bradshaw(also known as Goose)from Topgun,is going viral.People are rewatching(SPOILER ALERT!)the scene were Goose saves Fury and Marie Rambeau by swallowing the aliens.(Which clearly leaves Fury puzzled)In the movie Fury really does show his love for the cat(Well at least until the eating aliens part)!

Go see the new Captain Marvel Movie.Since everyone is buzzing about it it has to be good right(that’s what I thought!)

Goose the cat from Captain Marvel


Hello.Today this particular post is for anyone who has gone through a tough time(or for who is).This is for anyone who doubts how they apear on the outside.For anyone who sometimes feels like they are going to die.Well,trust me you are not going to die.I know sometimes you think things will never get better.Or how you think people will judge you on how pretty you are or how you look.You are beautiful.When you feel like the worst of times are going to be the death of you…They’re just gonna make you stronger.When you fall down you are going to get back up and keep walking.Don’t let anyone or anything bring you down.Trust me it’s gonna get better.You be You.You are fearless.You are brave and bold.You are stronger than you know.